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Joint ‘Task Force’ for Car Rental Owners Bonaire

Kralendijk- Bonaire will get a task force consisting of the various carrental owners on the island.

On the initiative of Luite Berkenbosch, General Manager of AB Car Rental and Vice-President of BONHATA, BONHATA has established a ‘Taskforce Car Rentals’.

In addition to the existing BONHATA members, 6 other companies have joined the Taskforce as new members of BONHATA. Together, these companies have over 1,000 rental cars which is a good representation of the sector. The goal is to work together as a Taskforce to tackle the challenges they face as a sector.


Berkenbosch mentions some important subjects such as motor vehicle tax, car rental tax, insurance, and crime. Due to the lack of tourists, a large part of the rental fleet has stayed parked in the recent months.

“You can imagine that this is a difficult period for all car rentals and that together we are looking for solutions to the challenges we have, now, and in the future”. For example, several agreements have already been made with representatives of the local government. “We notice that we are being heard and solutions are formed to help us survive these tough times,” said BONHATA’s Vice President.

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