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Kaya Playa Lechi Reconstructed

The lack of drainage was a big issue in the area. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk – The Executive Council of the Public Entity Bonaire has reconstructed the Kaya Playa Lechi in order to solve the problems that have plagued the area for more than 10 years.

During the rainy season this street used to flood, which caused problems for the houses there.

In its endeavor to improve our infrastructure, the Executive Council focuses on the asphalting of streets and also on solving rainwater drainage. In 2018 the flooding in the Kaya Mandolin was resolved. With the work being carried out at Kaya Playa Lechi, the situation that prevailed there was also resolved. The flooding of these streets are no longer a nuisance during the rainy season and pedestrians can now walk through these streets without any problems.

After tackling the problems in the Kaya Mandolin and Kaya Playa Lechi, the Executive Council will start with a fairly large task, namely repairing the Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas. There too, there is an accumulation of water that causes nuisance and affects the road surface. The technical planning is already ready and as soon as the funds are released, work commences. The Executive Council is awaiting approval by the State for funds for the multi-year maintenance plan, in particular for 4 years, for the benefit of the Bonairean streets and roads to start the maintenance and renovation work in a structured manner.

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