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M21 wants to be a truly inclusive party

KRALENDIJK – Last Sunday, M21 held another information session. This time, one of the groups was our special fellow human beings with a hearing and speech impairment. M21 provided information to this group with the cooperation of a sign language interpreter.

It was very emotional to see how this group, which is almost always forgotten, can express themselves about their problems and challenges in participating in society. This group has made its voice heard through an interpreter/translator.

In the opinion of M21, experiences of citizens with disabilities indicate that the education system on the island does not provide sufficient space for those in need of special attention, because mainstream education does not include people or time for those in need of special attention.


M21 believes that policies should be put in place to address this problem, as all people have the right to equal opportunities to develop in the way that is appropriate for them. “No one should be left behind. For us at M21, this is what ‘people-centered’ means,” M21 writes in a press statement on Monday.

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