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Much interest for Excellence Consultancy/WIB Mortgage Seminar

Members of the Excellence Consultancy team. Photo: Excellence Consultancy

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- There was much interest today for the long-anticipated Mortgage and Home Insurance Seminar organized by Excellence Consultancy in cooperation with the Windward Island Bank.

Various of the persons who passed by at the seminar made use of the opportunity to get some business done. The event answers to a great demand in St. Eustatius when it comes to the theme of -among others- mortgages on the island.

While there is a big demand for more (affordable) housing on the island, securing a mortgage for either purchase of construction of a home can be quite challenging on the island.

Island council

The island council recently expressed concern about the lack of choice on the island when it comes to mortgages, as well as the time it takes to get a mortgage application approved.

It is hoped that the seminar will provide applicants with a better idea what all is needed for a mortgage application and establish contact with WIB as provider in order for more people to be able to close on secure mortgage.

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