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New Island Council Members Bonaire Sworn In

Kralendijk- This week saw the swearing in of 4 new Island Council members during a meeting of the Island Council.

The credentials of Renata Domacasse (MPB), Edison Ellis (MPB), Joselito Statia (MPB) and Norbert Silberie (UPB) were all approved by the Council.

The vacancies in the island council were the result of the installation of Elvis Tjin Asjoe, Nina den Heyer and James Kroon as Commissioners of the new Executive Council.

The fourth vacancy was caused by the fact that MPB Councilman Hennyson Thielman resigned because of the position he has taken up as advisor to Commissioner Tjin Asjoe. Thielman felt that his position as advisor to the Commissioner would be difficult to combine with his work as Councilman.

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