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Selibon N.V. created special area for safe oil residue storage

Waste management company Selibon has placed containers at the location of the cleaning efforts and has created a special area where the oil and tar residue could safely be deposited. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk – Waste Management company Selibon N.V. has also been actively involved in the cleaning efforts regarding the oil pollution which has affected parts of Bonaire’s coast last week.

Bonaire has been experiencing the effects of an oil spill that happened in Trinidad, with oil and oil residue being transported by the sea all the way to the ABC islands. As a result, the coast on the south side of Bonaire saw quite some pollution. A team consisting of the Bonairean government, Stinapa, Selibon and many volunteers have taken the necessary action to clean the coast of Bonaire.

Selibon has taken care of placing waste containers in all locations where the team planned cleaning operations. Total tar-residue which Selibon has received until June 7th is no less than 25,040 kilograms. This waste was collected in several areas, namely 18,060 kilograms from Lagun, 13,000 kilograms from the area around Willemstoren, 3,900kg from Sorobon and 1,780kg from Washington Park.

Selibon has created a special area where this type of waste is deposited. It concerns a 106 m² area intended to collect the waste. Before the depositing of the waste started, the site was made even and construction foil was spread over the grounds. A layer of 15 cm thick was poured onto the building foil so that the oil could not pull into the ground and cause damage to nature. Selibon has closed the field with building foil in such a way that it became a kind of bin with a height of about 40 cm.

To complete the task, the terrain was marked with ribbon so that it was clearly visible where the area used deposit the waste is located.

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