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Stinapa organizes another successful Survival Trail

Kralendijk- Last week Stinapa held another addition of the KADIMO Survival Trail.

The KADIMO Survival trail is an active walking trail in the Washington Slagbaai Park, where groups can sign up to compete for a prize. During the walk they are asked various questions which are worth points.

A fun active event, where participants learn facts about history and nature of Bonaire. The event started at 6am with a light breakfast provided by STINAPA, and then at exactly 7am the groups started the Seru Bentana route to finish at exactly 11am.  At the end it is determined by points which one is the winning group. This event is leaded by Mr. George “Kultura” Thode, chief ranger of Washington Slagbaai Park and the original “Kanado di Mondi”.

This year 4 groups participated a total of 31 people, from which the JICN group has won the race for the second time in a row. The winning team received a weekend stay at Slagbaai for the group.

STINAPA said they thanked all participating groups and in particular the JICN for their dedication to this event. STINAPA also hopes to everyone back at next year’s edition of the trail. .

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