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Tourism Corporation Bonaire enthused about wellness tourism and Yoga Revival

KRALENDIJK- Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is enthused about the possibilities for wellness tourism on the island. TCB recently welcomed Caribbean Yoga Revival. A group of visitors who chose Bonaire to enjoy the island as well as deepen their practice through workshops and meditations. 

The program focused on self-care which is built in with massages and local and live cooked culinary experiences each night.  The group visited for a total of 9 days with individuals from Colorado, USA. The goal of Caribbean Yoga Revival is to pair the visitors with as many locals as possible to provide an authentic experience and visitors’ journey. 

Caribbean Yoga Revival’s intention is to travel responsible and sustainably to the island and to benefit the local economy.  


One of the objectives within the Tourism Recovery plan is to reposition the island and by attracting new tourism niches such as Wellness Tourism. TCB supports this initiative and hopes to welcome more wellness groups to the island in the future. 

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