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Vaccination in barios has started again on Bonaire

Vaccination in barios has started again on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- On Tuesday, the kick-off was given for the new vaccination campaign in the neighbourhoods.

Public health doctors Michael Mercuur and Dirk Meijer were present at the start of the campaign in the Tera Korá district. According to Mercuur, vaccination remains important. For example, people who have recently been vaccinated with the so-called booster shot appear to get sick less from the Omikron variant than those who have not had that shot.

By vaccinating in the district, the Public Health department is trying to lower the threshold for people to get vaccinated even more. The doctors also indicated that they will soon start vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 12.


“Although we see that children often do not become seriously ill from the virus, they can take it home and infect others again,” said Mercuur.

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