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Saba shipped 50 containers with recyclables last year

Commissioner Bruce Zagers together with the team of the Waste Management Facility. Foto: Government of Saba

THE BOTTOM- In the year 2022, Saba shipped a record number of 50 containers with recyclables to the USA for further processing. Saba has a well-functioning waste management system that includes the separation of recyclables.

The 50 containers that left the island contained the following recyclables: plastics (63%), cardboard (20%), plastic bottles (10%), shredded tires (3%), metal cans (2%) and electronics 2%. All recyclables are shipped to the Caldwell INC company in Florida for further processing.

In July 2022, a metal barge was arranged to take as much metal as possible off the island. In total, 179 tons of mixed metal were shipped, including 72 car wrecks.

Last year the garbage trucks collected a total of 1,027,215.60 kilos of waste from households and commercial enterprises on Saba. In addition, the Waste Facility collected a total of 164,827.20 kilos from private vehicles that came to the facility to bring their waste. The total amount of waste collected on the island was 1,192,042.80 kilos. 

Weighing scale

Since the Waste Facility only started to record the numbers in September last year when the weighing scale at the facility’s entrance was put into use, the total amount of kilos collected is actually higher than the 1,192,042.80 kilos.

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