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Mangrove Maniacs plant record-breaking 1,300 mangroves on Friday

The volunteers at work. Photo credits: Arno Verhoeven / Mangrove Maniacs

KRALENDIJK- On Friday the volunteer group Mangrove Maniacs planted a total of 1,300 saplings along the coast of Bonaire.

Apart from a record breaking amount of plants, there were also a record number of 75 people involved in the effort. On the south coast the volunteers planted young red and black mangroves in a fairly long stretch, close to the high tide line.

The sapplings were grown in the nurseries of Mangrove Manicas at Lac, and are between 4 and 6 months old. As areas where different mangrove species are mixed tend to be stronger and healthier, that is why planted 2 different species in the same general area.

Our nurseries are pretty depleted now, but we have already started growing new plants. So we hope to break Fridays record number in the near future.

Mangroves in the south are planted to create a fringing forest, a belt around the edges of the coastal area, close to already existing patches of mangroves. This will make the area more resilient against extreme weather conditions and the effects of rising sea levels. It will also increase biodiversity and reduce the effects of erosion and run off.


The project of Mangrove Maniacs is supported by EU International Partnerships through #BEST2.0+”. Find out more about BEST 2.0+ by visiting their website ( The organization says to be very grateful for the support from volunteers on the island.

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